Welcome to the Mega Bites and Messages Showcase

The role of technology in todays world is becoming increasing more important. As an educator it is my vision to close the gap between those who can use technology tools and those who cannot. The best place to start is in our schools where technology tools offer the opportunity for unique learning expereinces that allow students to think creatively, apply math and science concepts, articulate real problems and solutions, and learn to work as collaborative teams. All children can learn rich or poor, with disabilities, or with special gifts. Technology tools can assist all learners. Our classrooms and our schools must evolve much as the business world has. We invite you to join us on our journey as we work to transform learning one student and one project at a time.

Google Sketch Up designs listed below

8th Grade Podcasts


Engineering If you have downloaded Google Sketchup you can open the files below to see some of the kids really cools designs! =

external image type_none.gifHotel Iggie.skp

external image type_none.gifpost office sarah.skp
external image type_none.gifhardwarestore mitchel.skp
external image type_none.gifWalMart Trinity.skp

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